Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is a free co-op and PvP game available on STEAM.  The original game was released as a Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 in May 2004.  The second version was released as a stand-alone game in July 2010 using Valve’s Source Engine.  The third and current version was released in April 2017 and utilizes a more recent version of the Source Engine and SDK, as well as, Steam Workshop integration.

We host an Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop server – ASRD+ – which supports eight (8) players in co-op mode and twelve (12) players in death match (PvP) mode.

Our server uses several Workshop Mods.  We strongly recommend that you subscribe to the More Starting Equipment Workshop Mod.  Besides the standard Campaigns, we use the following Custom Campaigns which are available from the game’s Workshop:

Absolute Madness   ||   Adanaxis   ||   Biogen Corporation   ||   City 17   ||   Dead City   ||   Edge

Death Knock   ||   Evil Corp   ||   Ground Zero   ||   Hessian Border Station   ||   Infected Lab X Campaign

Larnok   ||   Mission Queen   ||   NAAM   ||   Nest   ||   Nitro Canister Case   ||   Operation: Chaos Theory

Reduction   ||   Silent Corridors   ||   Survival Bundle   ||   The Beginning   ||   The Mountain

Server Admins:   ===>   CloudPunch   ||   FrankWizza   ||   Fung   ||   GodsNinja   ||   WASP.God   ||   WASP.Killer

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