Game Servers was started in 2005 as an animation and video game blog.  It is now a portal to our gaming interests.  The games listed below are hosted or will be hosted on our dedicated USA East Coast server:

Server Name
TeamSpeak 3 WASP Clan Server (
Insurgency: Sandstorm 24/7_Killers+Supply+Waves  (A CO-OP server)
Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass Sam 4 Ever  (A CO-OP server.  Deploys in 2020)
Diabotical Murder, Madness & Mayhem  (A Team Death Match server.  Deploys in 2020)
Diabotical Capture the Citadels  (A Capture The Flag server.  Deploys in 2020)
No More Room in Hell 2 Hard 8  (An Objective Mode server.  Deploys in 2020)

We’re occasionally asked how we kept the game servers running smoothly.  The answer is AlwaysUp, a product we have been using since 2011.


AlwaysUp runs any application (32/64-bit executable, batch file, shortcut, java, perl, etc.) as a Windows Service, monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime.  It will automatically start your application whenever your computer boots, automatically restart your application if it crashes, hangs, or uses too much memory, and do everything in its power to ensure that your application is available 24/7.  No programming is required.

Take advantage of their risk-free 30-day trial and find out for yourself!  Also take advantage of AlwaysUp Web Service, which is a free add-on program for AlwaysUp that allows you to control your deployed applications from your web browser.

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