VSP Stats Game Log Processor


VSP Stats Game Log Processor (VSP) extracts statistical and other data from the log files of games and mods based on id’s Tech 3 engine by utilizing MySQL and PHP.  It then takes the result and creates graphical tables that display a wealth of info such as individual weapon accuracy, kills per games, skill ranking based on ELO, etc.

The original application (created by Myrddin) was broken by Excessive Plus 1.03 back in 2005 and therefore WASP.Beast created a fork to primarily support the Quake III and OpenArena Excessive Plus (E+) Mods.

NOTE:  If you want to display Stats from an id Tech 3 game or mod, other than the Excessive Plus Mod, we strongly suggest that you try Martin Haberfellner’s recent version from Github.

Contact WASP.Killer via STEAM or email if you need any of the six (6) versions of E+ VSP (supporting E+ 1.03 to 2.3).  Please note that none are likely to work with any major or minor version higher than PHP 5.3x and MySQL 5.0x unless you plan to revise the code.

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