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The WASP Clan is a casual group of North and South American and Caribbean gamers who play many Commercial and Open Source Games.  The clan takes its name from the ferocious insects that fight well above their weight limit and has no bearing on the term “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”.

We are an offshoot of the WASP Clan that played Quake III (Excessive Plus Mod) competitively in the Americas and Europe.

There are no skill or training requirements and anyone is welcome to join.

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The clan was founded as a Quake II gaming clan by an amazing Australian FPS player known as WASP.Term.  He later transitioned the clan to Quake III, finally settling on the Excessive Plus Mod.  The clan went on to become highly respected within the E+ Community.

In April 2007, WASP.Killer took over as Clan Leader and led the WASP Americas and European teams for the next 2 years.  Here is the scoreboard of the game that led WASP.Term to offer him membership.  In the Summer of 2009, he left competitive gaming to start a small, fun based Clan, independent of its Quake III namesake, that played E+ (on OpenArena not Quake III), Urban Terror, and various Steam games.

The clan has played hundreds of Fun Wars, Clan Wars and Tournaments.  Here is the results of one – CTF Round Robin Cup III Tournament.

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